I am Stefanie, teaching Yin, Vinyasa and Mandala Vinyasa Yoga. I recently moved to Munich, Germany and you can flow live with me there, online or on demand! With all the pandamic going on out there I am trying to keep my yoga-offerings afloat and fitting to your needs, so please do reach out if you have any questions or ideas. 


Yoga in your own time? I've got you!



I am hosting all my classes on Kuula.tv. You can see my schedule and sign up for the classes right there. 

Styles: Vinyasa/ Yin / Mandala Vinyasa

MI 18:30 - 19:30

60 min flow for all levels. Sign-up via kuula.tv


I recently had the pleasure to write an article on Mandala Vinyasa for Yoga Journal. Hope you like it, enjoy the read!


YYT 200hrs

February - March, 2018 Koh Samui, ThailandI completed my Training with Frog Lotus Yoga tought by Jennifer Yarro, Lauren Harries and Karen Ring. The training was focused on teaching vinyasa and hatha asanas as well as the anatomy, philosophy and history of Yoga. In addition, my teachers were also trained in Thai Massage, resulting in an extremly competent education regarding hands on assiting and minor massage techniques for Savasana.

+ 20h Yin Yoga: The functional approach
December 2020, online training

With the inventor of Yin Yoga himself, Paul Grilley, I did a comprehensive online Training on Yin Yoga. The main focus was on anatomical variations in the human body to understand how poses should feel, rather than how they should look. 

+ 20h Mandala Vinyasa
December 2020, London / online

With Dulce and her institute The Yoga People I had the opportunity to learn the methodology of her style Mandala Vinyasa. It Is a unique combination of Yin and Vinyasa, carrying you 360° around the mat. 

Teaching experience
I have been teaching a variety of regular classes, from corporate Yoga Vinyasa, to Studio classes in Yin, Yin Flow and Mandala Vinyasa. I have also tough some pop up classes outdoors and digital classes throughout the pandemic. 


atfy (all the feels yoga) is my little world all around yoga schedules, themes for the week, playlists, thoughts and asana tutorials with you on Instagram. The profile is open so even if you do not use Instagram, you should still be able to see most of the content :). Happy to see you there or get an email from you. 
P.S.: I am German and I'll definitely respond to you whether you get in touch in English or German! Just like to keep this open to anyone interested. 

I promise, I won't spam your inbox. 

IG: allthefeelsyoga
by Steffi